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Mini Spiced Ginger Ale 200ml

Mini Spiced Ginger Ale 200ml

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Malaki Spiced Gingerale is India's first carbonated drink that's been crafted with an Indian touch. The secret to this amazing drink is in its spicing: a blend of warm spices, with 11 Indian spices like ginger, lemon, black pepper, cumin and more, Malaki Spiced Gingerale stands out as our USP product as it takes you back to your roots. Whether you serve this as an accompaniment or use it as a base for your favorite mixed drink, Malaki Spiced Gingerale is sure to become your new favorite beverage. It is the perfect addition to any party, and it's a great way to add some sparkle to your drink menu. Whether served as a mocktail with cinnamon stick or spiked up with your favorite spirits, Malaki Spiced Gingerale will have everyone in the room feeling like they're celebrating life in style.

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